As not to "green-wash" the lack of clarity in sourcing, sustainability, and ethics in the jewelry industry, we will say that we are very mindful. We use a small handful of vendors to produce Kria jewelry, and most of those related to the jewelry-making and materials are New York-based and partners since the line's inception. We have relationships built on trust and transparency, and we are able to communicate our priorities.

Kria jewelry is handmade by us in our store and studio with castings and chains made entirely with certified reclaimed precious metals—sterling silver, 10k gold, 14k gold, brass, or gold-filled which is a mixture of gold and silver. We source our diamonds from a company which believes in doing so ethically by recutting recycled stones and establishing documented origin to create transparency about working conditions, labor practices, and environmental impact. And, we package it in post-consumer recycled materials.